donderdag 5 januari 2012

Le Hasard

Dress | Max C London
Waterfall Jacket | Evans 

The title is the coincidence in French and also a title of a Symbolist poet, Mallarmé. I have a weakness for les poètes maudits (as they were called in the 19th century), the doomed poets, because of their linguistic complexity and ambiguous nature. I often am inspired by the sound of the words. For example, last year I made a whole outfit post around Baudelaire's poem

This post wasn't really inspired by Mallarmé, but the picture below was such a coincidence. It looked great on film and made the cut for this post. Doesn't it surprise you that sometimes the best things in life come in unexpected ways? I mean, no way I knew the wind was going to blow a certain time, no way I knew that standing with my arms slightly spread would give out a vulnerable yet stable feel. It was all unexpected but still captured on film. That's what Mallarmé poems evoke in me. A moment of unexpectedness captured in the world of words.  

Have you some unexpected stories to share with me?

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  1. Wow! You look so beautiful! I love the mixture of those two blues together! And I can totally relate to being inspired by poetry and art. I had one outfit turn out looking a bit retro flight attendant-y, and I totally didn't intend that, but it seemed to work anyway, so I just went with it, lol. I love happy accidents like that. You look beautiful!!!



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