maandag 9 januari 2012

I clog, you clog

When I first arrived in the Netherlands, one of the first things I had to learn was how to handle a bicycle. Can you imagine me riding a bike for the first time at the age of 19? In Holland your bicycle is like your car.  For those of you, who have visited Amsterdam, you know what I'm talking about (a sea of bicycles everywhere). Another typical Dutch thing is the clog. But you don't see a sea of clogs. 

Clog Boots Rock Wood | @BetsyPalmerNL
Colored scarf Karin | Monki 

I've been obsessing about these clog boots since I first laid my eyes on them. Maybe it's the slight ressemblance with the JC Lita's, only at a comfortable height. Or maybe it's the military vibe I get from wearing these shoes. It has been a long time, me really having a piece that I love and wear daily. So be aware that you'll see these clogs in the near future. I clog thus you clog. 
Do you have any statement pieces to share with me?

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  1. First of all, how cute is that bike and your ring!! I never heard of clog boots...very cool!


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