zondag 18 december 2011

Forest Colors

Inspiration lies in unexpected places and comes at unusual times. I was chilling on my day off, cleaning up my accessories. When I stumbled upon my small collection of forest animals. Little mister squirrel, sir owl, foxes, rabbits rings and of course the reindeer. 

Because of the cold weather, I'm back to making pictures inside. A year ago I started making OOTD pictures in this same spot. So I guess it's a little more déjà vu than I thought. At this moment I'm typing this post before departing to work. This weekend I get to hang out with some cool young designers from Rotterdam. Hopefully I can convince some of them to start making design clothing in larger sizes. Will keep you posted how "operation generous" is going ;) Have a lovely Sunday! 

What I'm wearing:
Shorts, Coat | New Look Inspire 
Knitted top | Monki 
Accessories | H&M 
Bag | Invito 

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