vrijdag 2 december 2011

All geared up!

Since my new job I decided to get more active. 
When I make a decision, I never go half way. I want to be fully prepared. With this attitude I shopped me some necessities: swim goggles - check! swim cap - check! nose plugs - check! swim sandals - check! I was ready to embark this new adventure. 

On my way to my local gym, feeling on top of the world, I was proud of myself for not only talking about self-acceptance. I was actually doing something benefecial to my body. You know my creed “wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you”. It’s all about accepting the body you have in the moment and taking care of it the best way you know how. For me, it’s practicing what I preach.

There I was in the ladies locker room, standing in my new bathing suit I couldn’t help but feeling a slight panic. I realized I had to walk to the swimming pool which meant walking through the gym. It was just a couple of meters. But still I had to walk to the pool and people could see you.  I can assure I wasn’t wearing my bathing suit, it was definitely wearing me.

A part of self and body acceptance is knowing your boundaries. You don’t have to be a 100% confident all at once. Remember it’s a process. And even Rome wasn’t build in a day, so why put pressure on yourself.  In this situation it’s best to “think big, act small”.  

So my transitionary solution is to cover up with the help of plus size beach skirts. Or a kaftan as shown in the images below.
Source images     

Do you also have moments of insecurity about your body?
How do you cope with it? Let me know.

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