dinsdag 29 november 2011

One of the boys

I'm seriously digging this masculine trend. The power of  a men's wardrobe, it's his simplicity and no fuss, clean cut designs, I'm drawn to.  Add your feminine touch and voilà you're one of the boys. Only prettier. 

Monki Vivian Bowler Hat | Hubby's Light Grey Cardigan | New Look Inspire Trousers | Bertie Grey Brogues 
On former job I was the only female manager. Functioning in an all male dominated working place wasn't easy. My first year I felt intimidated and the need to be 'one of the boys' whatever that meant. I was trying to act as rational as I thought I should be at my work. Unfortunately I also stopped trusting my heart. A big no-no for my inner Emotionista. When I ceased from obsessing what others were thinking of me, I started believing in my instincts again. This choice made the working place less stressfull. It became a part of my domain. I could communicate in a way my colleagues would appreciate me without renouncing my heart. 

Now that I've left there and embarked a new adventure in an all female company, I'm curious to see how the balance between head & heart will unravel.

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