woensdag 30 november 2011

Holiday Season

Every year I vow not to stress or make a big fuss about it. But as usual I end up doing exact the thing I don't want to. If you're scratching behind your ears wondering what the subject is about, I won't let you wait no longer. 

I'm talking about the infamous Xmas and New Year attire. Normally I don't wear a lot of dresses but with the holidays I want to feel girly and feminine. So before hitting the stores I shop online to get inspired and to know what's available. 

Today I'm sharing my favorite party dresses at SimplyBe

Inspired by the 60's mod look with just a pop of color for more fun, I'm loving this cobalt/blue shift dress. Wearable with some cute heels and your favorite eye liner pencil (<-----a must!!!)
This next dress may be a little too much for the family dinner, but perfect for that New Year's party. I love the sequined details on the dress. Because of the cold weather in the Netherlands, I don't mind having sleeves on this dress. I would pair them with scarlet red thighs and similar shoes. Nobody can miss your appearance on the party. 
If you're petite, I would recommend the two dresses above. But if you're a tall, curvalicious lady as I am, why not try a maxi dress for the holiday season? I know it's not a party favorite for some, but I love how the fabric flows in this image. 

Source: SimplyBe dresses

So what's your favorite party dress for this Holiday season? 

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