zondag 4 september 2011

Rat race you say?

During my one month hiatus I went from the online world to my offline one. And boy, did I need that transition!  

Catching up on my reading, one online discussion dealing with popularity within the blogging world, caught my eye. Blogger Fabienne Jach commented in these words:
 " ....I've seen several bloggers come on with the kind of passion I would love to have and I've seen the same bloggers burnout"

My need for timeout didn't feel like a burnout but I admit feeling overwhelmed with the behind-the-scenes preparation Mode Plus was demanding. From planning and shooting outfit posts, to writing meaningful short articles, being online every day and staying in touch with the blogging world. Well what started as a creative outlet, required constant attention to a point where my life was transforming in Mode Plus. I was feeling out of touch with myself and in a rat race. Don't get me wrong, Mode Plus is still my baby. And the amount of inspirational women I've met (and keep meeting) through blogging, is a gift I'll cherish for life. 

 Chambray shirt | Primark - Flower Top | Forever 21+ - Utility Peg Trouser - Asos Curve - Bag | Monki 

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm still searching for the right balance between Nefferth with Mode Plus and Nefferth without MP. Every situation has its own set of rules which I'm figuring out as I continue to grow. There is no doubt in my mind we all go through a phase at a certain moment in our lives, whether you have a blog or not. 

So tell me ladies, when have you felt like a need to intervene and take a break?

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