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MPS: Meet Hannah

It was through my browsing on blogs that I came across this beautiful young woman. I instantly liked her diverse variations on fashion trends mixed with her easy, breezy personality. Meet Hannah!

Tell us something about you (for example: age/profession/hobbies etc...).
My name is Hannah. I'm from a small town in Wisconsin. My hobbies include 
photography, blogging, acting, crafting and thrifting. 

Why did you start blogging?
I've always had a different way of dressing and I was looking for a way to document it. In about 2008, I stumbled upon the world of personal style bloggers. It flipped a switch in my head and I knew that was what I should be doing.It would have been ok if I had just taken a picture of my clothes and kept them for personal reference, but I'm the kind of person who really likes sharing with others! So blogging really just fit with me.
Do you have (personal) fashion rules? Yes/no? Why?
I have none! I will always try anything once regardless of how silly or tacky it may be. That is something my friends and family have come to love about me. I'll wear anything!

Who is your fashion muse? Why?
I don't use just one, I use a lot!
I've got an entire notebook full of Hollywood stars that I can just stare at for hours and be inspired by what they're wearing. Besides that, I love discovering new blogs that feature girls that are risk takers with their style and aren't afraid to mixing things up.
When I find something I like, I don't want to recreate it piece for piece. I adapt it for myself, what I have, and how I'll be wearing it for that days activity. It's just nice to have some inspiration when getting dressed.

If you could be any accessory item, which one would you be? Why?
I adore scarves and have a huge collection of them so I'm gonna go with a scarf! They're so beautiful and they are the best addition to perk up any outfit.
What is your message for women/girls struggling with their body image?
This is a tough question for me. I feel like I'm in a place where I do accept my body and love it so much but I'm not entirely sure how I got here or what I could say to others!
I would say it's partly from hearing from my (much smaller) sister say that I should stop dressing "skinny" because I was not. It was tough love I needed to hear. Why try to hide my body? I know it's there and the world knows it's there, so after she told me that I started to embrace my curves and dress for them, not against them.
The other part of accepting myself is the fake-it-till-you-make it mantra. I was (and still am) the biggest of my friends and they would constantly tear themselves down and rant about their bodies. It hurts me to hear them speak so harshly about themselves. And if they said that stuff about them, then what were they REALLY thinking about me?! From then on I chose to think positively about myself and it became easier and easier to view my body as beautiful. 

I still have flaws and fat, but I don't focus of them anymore. They don't consume my mind.Everybody has a different way of loving their bodies and growing to accept it, and this is mine!
Visit Hannah on her blog or follow her daily adventures on twitter
Embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.
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