zondag 25 september 2011

Getting wiggy with it

There I was, sitting in the hairdresser's chair. The same fabulous hairdresser who transformed my semi natural coupe in what you all love so much: zhe colour and zhe curls. A man with such vision I could trust completely to give my hairdo a "revampnation". And I needed it bad, I was starting to look like a wrong version of Annie. 
Little did I suspect that mister hairdresser went rogue on me. From bad version of Annie I ended with zero curls. Never have I cried over cut hair before like this day. O-M-G, where are my curls, my beautiful Annie curls????

In times of great crisis, in this case, zhe haircrisis, a sister must make it work. Thank you inner Tim Gunn!. So we go wiggy with it. Who's with me?
Monki Necklace | Primark Belt as Bracelet | H&M Rings - Grey Oversized Top - Bag | ASOS Curve Trousers | Jeffrey Campbell Wedges 

Have you ever had a bad hair experience? How did you react? 

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