donderdag 15 september 2011

Another Monki Party

Last week I was invited to attend the opening of Monki store in Rotterdam, my hometown.Just like the last time in Amsterdam, the PR and Event manager Nor Toma was her fashionable and bubbly self.  You remember her last interview calling herself the desert nomade? I mean, how individuel can you get. 
Nor Toma aka Pop Non Stop 

As an Emotionista, I use fashion as a way to experiment and express my introvert character. The only rules I live by is feeling and believing what I wear. And Monki fits my Emotionista views like a glove. 
Monki believes in being your own quirky self and letting others be whatever they are. The fashion concept focuses on curious and individualistic young women, but Monki is about style, not age!
I couldn't agree more. All of this creativity at very reasonable prices. Who says you can't look fashionable on a budget, hein? 
OMG ring (love it!) - Monki cookies - me, Nor and Moluna - stylish Mirjam 
my wish - monki girls - my musthave the Elena jacket/poncho 

The event was an all Monki tradition: an ice cream parlor next to refreshments and sweets, a live DJ to keep us dancing while trying on the newest collections. One thing is for sure, on a Monki night you couldn't get bored. Trust me!
Monki bar with sweets and refreshments

According to Danielle (in yellow jumper), these lollypops tasted like cake on a stick. Why I didn't have a bite there and then, I don't know. 
Monki girls: Danielle, Edith (Sytlehasnosize), Me and Mayra

At 357 square meter this Rotterdam store feels spacious compared to their chain store in Amsterdam. Every collection carries five themes per season. And each theme falls under one of thier three style concepts: Young and Quirky, Basic and Clean, Edgy and Fashion Forward. Nor explained the current five themes of this season. My favorites are: Pop Non Stop and Howl of the Fox. Watch a short impression of the night. 

Beside a great collection with bunch of goodies, there were asome stylish people walking around the Monki store. My favorite of the night: Mirjam , I love her red fro and retro look. 
Till the next Monki party.

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