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Denim It Up

These series aime to portray all kind of women, whatever their body type, age, social status or race. I chose this title because I wanted to show particularly women within the plus size community. But foremost I want to show the diversity of feminine beauty. Yes, I do target the full figured woman, but it doesn't mean only full figured women are beautiful. To my belief: we are all beautiful, no matter our size, race, age or cultural background. I hope by featuring different types of women, young or old, we as a blogging (plus size) community will not exclude anyone. 

Embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.

This is a first on MPS, where I feature five different bloggers at the same time. Our connection started with my pitch to make a denim project part deux. Gladly all of the participants were open to show a piece of their fashion masterminds.The first denim project featured different types of denim wear available now. With the second denim project I wanted to show how denim could be worn in five different themes: ROCK | CHIC | CLASSIC | VINTAGE | GLAM.  Once again the bloggers had total creative freedom within the themes. 

For me fashion is about owning your choices by following your heart
Enjoy Madison, Rocquelle, Jessica, Anita and Yolanda. 

Madison - Rock 
Suede boots | BDG Onyx & Brass Necklace | Vintage Pendant Beaded Feather Necklace | DIY Denim Dress | Levis  Violin | My own.
I chose this look because it was too easy to grab a black item from my closet, especially since I have loads of it with typical items that would come to a rock-influenced mind. This may not be what one thinks of for rock denim, but the rich blue colour gives it so much character & displays a dated, yet modern aesthetic… and for me I could easily rock out in this!

Rocquelle - Chic 

Blazer |Marisa Christina (Marshall's) T-Shirt | Mossimo (Target) Culottes | IDK (pre-owned from Random Identity Shoes | Forever 21 Handbag | Foley + Corinna for Imperfect Concepts 
Denim is a must have in my wardrobe!  I don't wear it all of the time, but it is definitely a go to for me. I wore this outfit to church the other week, and for me the denim blazer simply completes the look!  I adore the light wash denim of this blazer, which is great for Summer (except most days it is really TOO hot for any layers here in Texas).  A denim blazer is a bit more chic and polished than a denim jacket and gives my outfit a casual yet chic effect, that allows me wear it for any occasion (as if I really need to be allowed to wear what I want, lol).

Jessica - Classic
Tailored shorts in a denim-linen blend are the perfect summer bottom: they are versatile, lightweight, and sit high on your waist for a classically curvy silhouette. Here I wear denim shorts from UK Style by French Connection Plus for Sears, a white V-Neck T-shirt, with a burnt orange belt, scarf and hat from Top Shop. The shoes are MICHAEL Michael Kors from Nordstrom.

Anita - Vintage 
Jacket | KIK (discount store) Dress | Mango  Knee high socks | Torrid Shoes | Tesco Headband | DIY Sunglasses | H&M Necklace | Forever 21 
This is an ideal outfit for those rainy and windy summer days.  Even when the days are nice and warm it’s the nights that turn cool which is where the denim jacket comes into play.  Summer denim jackets are thin which makes it the perfect accessory for the cool evenings.  This particular one is short and thin, and the texture looks acid washed so I thought it’s great for a vintage look ☺ This outfit also reminds me of two different eras in our wonderful fashion history partly the 60’s and partly the early 90s.  It reminds me of flower fields and summer rain. 
Yolanda - Glam 

LaceTop | ASOS Black Bra | Lane Bryant Denim Pencil Skirt | Torrid Shoes | Steve Madden Accessories | Beauty Supply
When I was told I would be doing "GLAM" I thought it would be a piece of cake. I had the skirt, the shoes already in my mind... but the top... I had planned on purchasing a new bustier/bandeau type top to really do this 50s inspired glam look. But that didn't happen and before I knew it the deadline was here. So suddenly it came to me...what is more glamourous than lace? Nothing as far as I am concerned... I really like how this turned out and think that shows that you can be sexy & glamourous at any size and while wearing denim. I really enjoyed working on this. :)

Thank you again ladies for making this MPS happen.
Make sure to check out these ladies by clicking on their name. 
Which theme would you rock with your denim, ladies?

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  1. WOW!! You ladies look AMAZING! Madison, girl you are definitely rocking your outfit! Rocquelle love your outfit, perfect for a day downtown or a lunch date. Jessica, you look gorgeous, adore your hat! Anita, you look sooo cute in your vintage outfit! And Yolanda, nobody does GLAM better than you!

    Great series Neff!!


  2. wow all I was so excited to see the rest of the girls! they all look so amazing. I love how creative everyone was in creating these looks. I am so glad to be part of it :)


  3. I am friends of Madison and Rocquelle, but I discovered all the rest.
    Thank you my dear friend for spreading the love.

  4. Love all of the different looks! Great job Nefferth!! I just ADORE those denim-linen blend shorts in the classic look!

  5. Thank you so much for including me with these beautiful ladies Nefferth. They all look amazing owning their looks. + Yolanda's fierce heels!

  6. everyone looks fabulous and really embodies their genre!

    Thank you for putting it together, Nefferth!!


  7. I follow and read Madison and Yolanda so I'm going to take some time and check the other ladies.
    Have a great week,

  8. Great challenge! Love all the looks, the ladies did great!

  9. Wow!!! Everyone looks great! I'm loving Yolanda's look! Hot stuff! :)



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