woensdag 15 juni 2011

Orange is my new black

I guess every blogger participating on this week's
assignment: Neon + Neutral, loves a little bit of a challenge.
I'm sure just like me, many others weren' t sure how to make
this trend workable for everyday life. 

And you know as an Emotionista (=doing fashion with your heart)
I believe you can wear anything as long as you believe it.

Because if you don't, the clothes will end up wearing
you instead of the opposite. And that situation I will not permit.
So what do to when you're unsure about an 
outfit (or a job interview, a friendship, a relationship,..... fill in any important situation here)? 
Do you cave in?
Or do you take the bull by the horns and ride it like a pony?

I took mine by the horns as I usually do with challenges of any kind.
May that be an outfit post or writing in a foreign language, I face it.
The worst thing that can happen is, saying you tried. 
And in my book that speaks of courage and having cojones. 
Excuse my French, uhm well Spanish.
This dress was waiting for me at the photo shoot I did for a Dutch magazine last Tuesday.
When I saw the dress, I just knew, she was perfect for my BDIB challenge. This is how it usually goes for me, in situations where I'm not that sure I can make it work. 
A good example is the photo shoot, where I was the only non-model. Can you imagine having to model after seeing a pro strut her stuff? I'm talking modeling in sky high heels, doing jumps and trying to look fierce from head to toe? Uhuh, that's right ... you feeling me ladies?! Where do you find that confidence in that moment of doubt? How can there be any belief, if you don't have the certainty to back it up?

There's no simple answer to this matter. I just 'trial and error' - 'stimulate and respond' - 'act and react'. Let me amplify.

Face the fear. Face the insecurity. By asking. By accepting feedback, whether it's constructive criticism or a well meant compliment. Welcome these impressions in your life. And believe that failure is when you don't give yourself permission to try something. I do this every time, every day. Big steps. Baby steps. As long as you try. 

Lace dress, orange ring, tan wedges | H&M
Orange tights | M&S Mode
XL Clucth | ASOS 

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