donderdag 9 juni 2011

A new beginning

.... it was indeed. 
The Hour Of The Wolf - Madrugada
Today is exactly a year ago when I plunged into this online
world called "blogging". With no experience in English
writing or fashion, but just a need to have a creative platform, 
I named my blog Mode Plus, because I wanted to be more than just a size. 
I preached the words, but wasn't sure I walked the talk. 
The start of an evolving process began. 

Wishing On A Star - Rose Royce 
Like any other craftman, I wished to grow.
Grow as a blogger, grow in my fashion choices.
Grow in traffic, grow with readership / blog followers. 
What I didn't expect was to grow as a woman.
You've learned me to never stop challenging myself.
That it is ok, to be nervous when I have to write in English.
Having these emotions is a natural part of life
and will always be there.
What I control is the way I choose to act upon them. 

Falling Catching - Agnes Obel 
Being an introvert (with an extrovert inner voice), isn't easy within a society where having an extravert personality is a necessity to getting noticed. This past year I've tested myself in so many ways. Mode Plus stopped being just a blog filled with cute outfits posts. It became a place to share. 
Slowly, with baby steps, but certainly more open and vulnerable. 
Little did I know, those posts would make you, my dear readers, react. 
Soft, kind, encouraging. You helped me take my inner voice seriously. 
You helped me embrace the uniqueness of me. 
A Start With No Ending - The Magic Numbers
I can't imagine blogging not being a part of my life anymore.
That is why I'm moving to wordpress shortly. 
I've redesigned the blog layout to make it more accessible to you.
In addition to the move, I'm taking an English writing crash course to keep my game on.
Expect more foodforthought posts and more exciting outfits on Mode Plus.
You inspire me to do so much more than I thought I could disclose.

Love - Air 
With a special thank you to two bloggers: miss Anika and miss Lacara.
Last but certainly not least, all of you, my dear readers. 

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