dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Model Alert

It is no doubt that Marquita Pring is still one of my favorite models within the plus size industry. And if I look at the popular posts on Mode Plus, the one where she is featured, is very much liked. Click here to go to that post.
She's not only beautiful but this Ford Model stands for something, evoking us to rethink the labels in the fashion world. "I hate to be categorized. I am a model. I do many of the same jobs as others models regardless of their size, race, or gender". She's been honored by Vogue Italia as the new star in the curvy universe but she rather be the "new star in the modeling universe". 
Whether she's labeled or not, I see her confidence and her acceptance of her curves. And in my book, that is damn pretty! 

Enjoy Marquita in an interview with Evans, showing us some sneak peeks of the summer collection. 

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