zondag 5 juni 2011

Going Dutch Denim

Going Dutch is an expression that indicates that each person 
participating in a group activity pays for himself or herself, 
rather than any one person paying for anyone else, 
particularly in a restaurant bill. (Source)
You may also know it by Dutch date and Dutch Treat.
How does this expression relate to denim?
Welcome back on Mode Plus and in my twisted little mind. 

After reading the denim inspired post at Madison Plus, 
I had an idea to try and find regular women who wanted 
to try out this denim trend with me. 
Go Dutch, meaning every woman for herself,
posting her interpretation of this summer trend
but in a fun and relaxed way. I approached some ladies
 through Facebook and I linked them 
the Madison Plus post, for some reference. 
Et voilà, this is where the creativity took us all.
Mind you that none of these ladies knew the outcome of the other.

The dress by Mireille
The skinny by Gertie 
The boyfriend by Ingeborg 
 The high waisted by Vanity
The shorts by me 

Would you wear the denim trend this summer?

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