woensdag 29 juni 2011

The dance of left, right, left

Last Friday I was sitting at the hairdresser and I noticed my haircoif falling to the right. I've been rocking my coif to the left for almost two months now, so I had to get used to the hair falling naturally to the right because of the growth and heaviness of the curls. Before I keep you wondering where I'm going with this hair methaphor, let me clarify. 

As my hair grows and takes on it's natural fall, I may choose to let the new coif be or try and manipulate it to falling like I used to know. Whatever coif direction I choose, doesn't matter really. What matter is the interaction between holding on to a hairdo I know how to style or exploring a new do and making it work for me. 

Being a June person, I hear I'm inclined to overanalyse situations. In fact, it was in a small Soho store where this Indian lady told me: "Oh, Gemini people tend to overthink things." I'm not a zodiac believer but I couldn't help agreeing with her. Ever since I could make decisions, I've been more of a thinker than a doer. My urge to understand a subject is as fascinating to me as acting on a subject. 

Over the years I've learned to use this personal attribute to my advantage. It all started at choosing my secondary educational path at the age of 12. Would I go to the highly respected catholic highschool on the island? Or attend the less prestigious but more rebelious, non denominational highschool? It took me months to decide. It felt to outsiders (my parents, the teacher, friends in my class, even myself) like I would never choose. My inclination to overthink transformed from being a quality to an impediment. The process felt like an interference of growth and evolvement. Unconsciously, I learned to trust this intuitive dance between taking risks and waiting just a while longer. 
Because for every quality we own there is a booby trap. For instance, me being an overthinker is a quality: I analyse situations, I consider the benefits and disadvantages of a situation. The pitfall is that I may never act on my thoughts because of that same quality. 
In stead of movement there is immobility. This is where the dance starts. Where you defy yourself to actually do without knowing all the consequences. To believe that whatever the path you choose, it is the right one. 
With fashion looks I do a similar dance between overanalyzing and acting. For months I've been looking for a maxi dress to fit my 5'11" physique and Caribbean curves. Believe me, it is quit the challenge. I was just about to give up, when I saw this H&M Striped version for just 5 euros. I took a risk in every aspect: the sizing (I'm wearing EUR42), the material and the cut. At the end, I trust my choice. I feel good in my dress. The dance of thinking and acting resulted in doing fashion the Emotionista way!
Maxi Dress - XL Bag | H&M  
Knitted Scarf | My mom's
Red Suede Wedges | Jeffrey Campbell @ZalandoNL
Red Watch | EOS 
Biker Jacket | Thrifted 

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