donderdag 16 juni 2011

All of the lights

First I have to give a huge thank you to all the love on twitter from the
blogging community, wishing me a happy 35th birthday. It was a very relaxed day.
For the real celebration, I'm going to New York. Woohoo!
So by the time you read this post, I'm in the States.
Hopefully meeting some other blogging beauties at FFFWeek 2011.
I got selected to be a part of the Lane Bryant's blogger event on June 16th.
And will attend many other events too. 
This is my first time to NYC and I'm so excited to experience the city. 
I have a long list of things to (must) do/visit in a very short time (we leave on Sunday).

1. The Alexander McQueen exhibition "the Savage Beauty"

2. A shopping tour made by my friend Susanne. 
Meaning I will be visiting the Greenwich Village and Soho area. 

If you want to  stay in touch with my NYC adventures:
check me on twitter or on Instagram (mode_plus1976). 

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