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MPS: Meet Karine

Embrace our similarities
and celebrate our differences.

Disclaimer Mode Plus Series (MPS):
These series aime to portray all kind of women, whatever their body type, age, social status or race. I chose this title because I wanted to show particularly women within the plus size community. But foremost I want to show the diversity of feminine beauty. Yes, I do target the full figured woman, but it doesn't mean only full figured women are beautiful. To my belief: we are all beautiful, no matter our size, race, age or cultural background. I hope by featuring different types of women, young or old, we as a blogging (plus size) community will not exclude anyone.

Meet Karine

Besides having an effortless chic in her style,
this Canadian blogger shares also her little gourmet recipes.
Some of them so delicious to watch, you must control 
yourself not to lick on the computer screen.
Or is this only me??? 
Enjoy meeting her :D

Why did you start blogging?
I was looking for a hobby that would allow me to 
learn new things. One evening I saw the movie Julie and Julia
It gave me an instant urge to blog. 
At first I wanted to create a blog about recipes.
 For this reason I also post cooking recipes. 
My blog is a mixture of my two passions! 
But when I discovered the world of fatshionista bloggers
I immediately fell in love!
 I quickly found out that there were very 
few bloggers from my area too.

Do you have (personal) fashion rules? Yes/no? Why?
Yes and no! Even though I may like a loof or garment, 
if it doesn't suit me, well, it doesn't suit me. 
I would feel uncomfortable anyway!
Skinny or not, not all trends suit every body, it is 
not a question about weight either. Take for example,
the peter pan collar trend. Not my kind of fashion, but it 
was all over the blogging world. For some girls it worked,
but for me, no way! The Bermuda shorts on the other hand,
wasn't a big trend during the winter. I love them though.
So I didn't hesitate to wear them. 

Who is your fashion muse? Why?
I don't have a specific person or blog.
But I love discovering new blogs and get inspired by them.
Streetstyle is also an inspiration for me.

If you could be any accessory item, 
which one would you be? Why?
Definitely a pair of jeans. Due to their versatility.
You can wear them chic or casual. 

What is your message for (curvier) women/girls struggling 
with their body image?
I think they worry too much. I don't want to sound (too)
harsh, but to my opinion when you don't have real 
problems in life (illness, war etc..), people tend to focus
on the unimportant things and our small differences. 
We compare our identity to popular beauty standards
of our society. I bet if these girls were told they had one day 
to live, they would make fun of the same beauty standards
imposed by the society. They would celebrate their
own uniqueness and not worry about being curvier. 
They would cherish the little things in life like lamp lights during 
 a fool moon. They would dance as if nobody was watching, and
flirt as if they were Venus de Milo! At least, that is my
wish for them: to be able to do so today. Life can end at any 
time, you should live it to its fullest!

Tell us something about you (for example: age/profession/hobbies etc...). 

A few years ago, my best friend died of leukemia. 
Since then, everything changed. I miss her tremendously!
My previous answer is related to this question. It is very personal.
Sometimes, unfolding yourself and sharing, allows people
to know us a little better and understand our reasoning / personal
life journey. When you look at pictures of someone on a blog,
they seem happy and carefree. One wonders if it is only you
experiencing the less nice parts of life. There are joys and sorrows
behind the face of every blogger. This is why I wanted to share something 
personal with you. This understanding changed my life. 

Thank you Karine for sharing your story with us. 
Please visit her on her blog:

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