vrijdag 6 mei 2011

FTF: Spring Sprang Sprung

 My tweet topics explored and visualized

Today's post is about using Spring as an inspiration.
When I searched for the definition of the noun Spring,
I got multiple possibilities. The keywords that I kept 
seeing were: growth, natural, flow, self-propelled, movement.
The one definition that caught my eye and summarizes the 
essence of today's content was the following:
"the elasticity of something that can be stretched 
and returns to its original length"

Yesterday we celebrated the liberation of  
Germany's capitulation on 5 May 1945.
During the Second World War a great part
of the city Rotterdam was bombarded
 by German Air Force, leaving the city
without form and void.  
This year, it is 66 years ago when Rotterdam
first underwent a mayor transition.
From once a flourishing medieval city
to now being an urban cosmopolitan filled with 
creative energy and genuine spirit. 
That is the reason I love Rotterdam.
It's authentic, not pretentious,
basically just real. 
Pictures taken at the Liberation Day Festival

When I think of the devastation people must have
felt after the bombardement, and then the joy 
after the Liberation, I think this city and the citizens
proofed their elasticity and their capacity to overcome.
To rise above tragedy and create a whole new original. 
As I am exploring the balance of what to share on
Mode Plus, I realize that I feel connected to Rotterdam.
In my own way I had (still have) my share of experiences,
good - bad - happy - painful - imprisoning - liberating. 
In the spirit of Spring I'm transitioning to be more open.
And my city inspires me to flex and stretch.
To be nothing but real.
To listen to my creative voice.
To embrace the original me.
I am Rotterdam.
Pictures taken yesterday during a stroll in the center of Rotterdam
Legal graffiti by upcoming Brazilian artists on public walls 
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