maandag 9 mei 2011


It's been almost two weeks since my BC.
I went from having black semi-curls to
channeling my inner La Roux.
You know, the electropop duo from Brixton, England.
This red do and long quiff make me go back to the 80's. 

I've always been a girl of contrasts. 
Some people say my contradictory styles is due to
my zodiac sign: Gemini.
Some say I'm indecisive, that I can't seem to focus
on one thing and finish it. 
Some say I'm a rebel, I can't be tamed.

Maybe there's some truth in all of these.
I say: I have a big heart. 
A big heart to explore. How can I just love one thing?
There is so much beautiful and interesting in this life. 

  This contrast style is also reflective for my circle of friends.
Being an I.E- girl (=introvert.extravert-girl/yes, I know I keep making up words)
I tend to attract the opposite of my personality.
Very passionate and outgoing people.
Most of them have their tongue on their sleeves.
They say what they think and don't apologize about it.
I'm just the other way around. 
Introvert, always thinking, having conversations in my head.
I may be "bold" with my hair and clothes, 
but I'm not bold around people.
With fashion I get to express my spontaneous and creative soul.
It's there, it just takes some time to warm up and come out. 
This is my little step of showing you more of me:
the I.E-girl 

As a brunette I'm wearing
Boyfriend blazer | Cropped top | Hareem trousers 
Thrifted | Monki | Evans 

As a red head I'm wearing 
Sheer print top | Hareem trousers 
New Look | Evans 

Accessories | H&M | Primark | Ydeltuyt 

Have a great week!

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