dinsdag 3 mei 2011

BDIB: White Out

Hello lovelies,

Today's post is me participating in the second assignment of
Bloggers Do It Better, initiated by Kristina of PrettyShinySparkly
This time, it is all about the white trend, hence the title "White Out".

I know many women avoid "white" for various reasons.
Just to name a few reasons not to wear white:
- it stains easily
- it makes you look bigger 
 - you need special undergarments (see through alert for white)

As you all know, I love a challenge. I don't abide restrictions
when it comes to my personal fashion choices.
Being curvier has its challenges sometimes when 
looking for a certain outfit. But hey, life itself is full of challenges.
Don't be afraid to take a challenge on. Just try it, today! 

Sheer top | Skinny Flare Jeans 
New Look Inspire | ASOS Curve 
Nude wedges | H&M 
Sunglasses | Nude Clutch | Leaf Ring | Stone Ring 
Primark | Monki | Evans | H&M 
As long as you feel comfortable, you will show this off in your outfit.
So ladies and gents wear your white's and wear it with pride.
Come and join me in Bloggers Do It Better.

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