maandag 4 april 2011

Ladybug, my style icon

While enjoying the marvellous weather saturday 
afternoon, we bumped into this little fellow. 

I couldn't have planned it even if I wanted to. When I leaned over to 
check him/her out (sorry, we didn't have time to chat about gender), I saw 
the colors I was wearing. I had to make a picture. 

Recognize style in every form possible, right? Coincidence?! 
I don't think so.


Stripes van Mode Plus met leather jackets
As so many of you, I also play around with Polyvore. I get to 
choose unpayable (for me at least) brands and create outfits.
What I want to show you today is how I make this inspirational 
look into my real life wardrobe. 

This is the location where I took some shots. 
At last, some proper light to take pictures. 
 Biker jacket - Thrifted | Red top, tights - Evans
Striped skirt, heart ring - H&M | Black wedges - local bargain shoestore
 Imitation leather clutch - Monki 
This is the first time wearing a turban, which I made myself 
with a leopard scarf.I must say I was very pleased with the 
outcome and will be wearing this hairstyle again soon. 

You can look stylish without breaking the piggy bank.

That is my fashion motto. What's yours?

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