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FTF: Contra Unus

During one of my conversations with fellow blogger Anika (byanika.com), she mentioned this wonderful initiative by Kristy Eléna of FullTimeFabolous (FTF). When I heard about this blog event, I thought it would be a perfect way to connect more.

Every month a specific theme is introduced. Bloggers that participate get to create a visual interpretation of that theme. To join in the fun next month, just go to FTF site and become a member of the FTF Google Group. 
It is that simple!

So what is April's theme?
The main goal is to share a visual post about our heritage or the place we liveI chose to share where I was born and the history of my birthplace.
To get an idea what this is all about, I say grab something to drink, relax and let the images tell you the story.

Most of the time when I tell where I come from people don't know where it is.  But if I mention, it is next to the island of Aruba, you hear: "Aaahh, Aruba such a friendly island". Yes, perhaps. I never visited Aruba.

Sometimes I get recognition in the tone of their voice, because they think I'm talking about the liqueur: Blue Curacao. No everyone, I'm talking about the island: Curacao. 

I'm used to explaining my origins. It is my solid base. That is why I chose to show you my heritage of Curacao today. 

I was born and raised on the island. First inhabited by Arowakken indians, which lived of small agriculture and hunting, the island was discovered by the Spanish consistador, Alonso de Ojeda in 1499. Quickly the invaders would name the island: Isla Inútil meaning "not useful island". Because of the hot temperature, hard surfaces and fragile population, the island wasn't lucrative enough to consider as a colony option. This conclusion sustained for years until the West Indian Company came into the picture. This company had the monopoly on slave trading around the Americas and soon used Curacao as a main station to transport African slaves around the Caribbean. 
The history of the island always intrigued me as a little girl. And to experience that history I don't have to go very far  in the family line. You see, my father's side of the family descend mainly from Indians/Europeans/Africans. My father's grandmother was one of the last original Indian women. He always told me I looked like her. 
On my mother's side I also know a very touching story. Her great grandfather was a wealthy Dutch man. He fell in love with a slave girl and against all odds, he married this girl.  Out of love, he defied the social boundaries of his time and choose to go his own path. His decision meant instant isolation, he was cut out of the family fortune. There they were, young, poor, uncertain of the future but in love, true to their own beliefs, acting upon their inner voice. What a courage. 
In a way I feel a deep connection with my ancestors story. I always felt a little restless inside. Wanting to see more, learn more. So by graduation it was inevitable, I wanted to go to Europe. I wanted to experience the world, which had a great impact on the history of the island. But also an impact on my own personal life. 

When people ask me (and I get that often), in which place I feel more at home. I can honestly say: I probably can nest everywhere. Because of my background, I feel like a world citizen. I'm curious to know other countries and culture.  

Maybe that is why I love fashion so much. No matter where you from fashion is there. As a creative outlet of what you feel and experience. 

Well basically, I feel me, Nefferth. 
Nice to meet you!
Won't you join us?
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  1. first time visiting your blog and i got introduced to you by the ftf blog event. wow what a story and i agree with your closing sentence. They say math is an universal language, then with this blogevent I can honestly say that as long as there is fashion there is a second universal language on the united all us bloggers together. Thank you for participating in the event! xo

  2. Beautiful post! Your family history is so fascinating, and Curacao sounds like it was a wonderful place to grow up.

    I especially love the story about your mothers great grandfather. That sounds like something straight out of a romance novel. Beautiful.

  3. What an incredible family story! I was actually in Curacao with my family a few years ago, and it is such a beautiful island. Unfortunately, it rained almost the entire time we were there, so I'll have to go back soon. :)

  4. What a fantastic family history and legacy. That story is so touching, and I love that in the end love wins!
    It's fun to know more about you! Thanks for posting.

  5. What a gorgeous post...I actually have a very good friend who goes to Curacao every year and now I see why. Your family sounds all kinds of amazing, how wonderful that you have those remarkable stories in your history.


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