vrijdag 22 april 2011

FBFF: Inspiration

Hi lovely readers,
Another Friday, another FBFF post. 
I've missed two of them due to a busy schedule, 
but before leaving this Easter weekend to Brussels, 
I want to make this post for you. 
Which celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for fashion inspiration?
I don't really have one particular fashion inspiration.
But I thought it would be fun to share some links that I visit for inspiration.

When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you?
I call myself an Emotionista instead of a Fashionista.
I love Fashion but I can't submit myself to the continuous pressure:
the next day you're in, the other day you're out.
quote from Heidi Klum 

I wear what my heart feels like wearing. And I make it work for me.
So no fashion rules pour moi.
Well, ok maybe one: NEVER wear something YOU feel uncomfortable in.
Trust your gut, fashion gut.

How do you hope to inspire your readers?
I have always had a sense of self.
Maybe it's being the youngest and the only daughter?
 Having my own style gave me my own voice.
And at first when I gained weight, I felt lost.
Suddenly dressing up wasn't as fun anymore.
It was a major pain and frankly an impossible mission.
I refused to let size put me in a box.
When other women ask me how I got here,
I just say: wear your clothes and don't let the clothes wear you.
I hope my readers get bold in their own way.
I hope they see that embracing YOU is a style 
statement on it's own. 

Outside the realm of fashion who/what inspires you?
I'm admirer of 19th century French sculptor Camille Claudel.
I discovered her talent through an school assignment about Rodin.
I absolutely love how she makes a tough material into such a delicate art.
I can look at her sculptures for hours,
and never get bored. 
La valse 

Thank you for visiting Mode Plus
Have a happy Easter weekend :D

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