dinsdag 12 april 2011

Don't try this at home kids!

I know the animal print ain't this season must have, 
but when I saw this one for a merely 9 pounds I couldn't resist. 
The jumpsuit on the other hand fits perfectly in my 70's
trend obsession. So if you want to see, how I transformed
this look into my own, keep on reading. 
 This was a lovely day to get out of the house.
And warm enough to wear this one shoulder piece.  
 Very soft fabric and not that sheer at all.
I was scared I would share a little too much.

My hubby wasn't complaining, this time around.
I wonder why??

 Talking about transformation. 
I would probably be more inclined to cover up, like I did here.
This red blazer was only €7 at my local thrift store.
It was a leap in the air, for I was looking to expand 
my blazer collection with another bright color.
Voilà le rouge for fire, passion, uhm, moi. 

Finally I've also made another fashion video.
Hope you enjoy it!

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