woensdag 13 april 2011

Denim love

If you follow me on twitter (@Mode_Plus), you know 
  1. I have a thing for 70's fashion
  2. I've been wanting some high waisted flared jeans 4-eva
  3. That fit a plus size girl like me (this baby got back and front, you know?!)
I know it's a stretch to ask, right? High waisted? Flaired? Plus size?
I've been obsessed with a high waist trouser for a while now since I purchased my Beth Ditto for Evans pair. 
Can't you see us in the picture embracing these denims?
me and K rocking the BD jeans.
picture by Anika (ByAnika.com)

When I started my journey for the perfect denim, I first went to the GAP version. But unfortunately the sizes went up to an American 20. 

Believe me after having ordered a few sizes too big, I'm all confused which size would fit me properly. So I looked at some (denim)trousers I owned from Evans, H&M and ASOS Curve to make a final decision on which size I would order. My choice went for an UK 24 = European 52. Mind you that an H&M BiB 52 wouldn't fit me, I would have to size up. Evans is true to size (for me at least). With ASOS Curve I still have to break their secret code on the sizing chart. Still love them though.

After tweeting about my desperate need of a HWF pair, the sweet and lovely Lacara showed me a pair at SimplyBeUK. Unfortunately the pair I wanted wasn't available yet on their EU site. So I kept searching and finally spotted these two denim pairs from Style369.
Belted Kickflare 
Indigo Wide Leg Jeans 

I love the way they hug my curves. And a big plus is that they don't fit tight at my tummy.
I can sit down without grasping for air (you know what I'm talking about ladies?). 
I just got them so I can't really say anything 'bad' about them.  
So far, these are my denim choices for summer. 
I'm so happy with them. Finally some jeans that fit.
If I haven't convinced you to buy a denim pair yet,  
check out this H&M Fashion Video.
You got denim love yet?

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  1. Darling, you are so beautiful I don`t know what to do with my self :D. Lovely seing that pic again, brings back happy memories! Mwuahh!


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