woensdag 27 april 2011

Brussel sprouts

Easter weekend I spend in Brussels with the lovely Anika @ByAnika
And boy, did we have fun.

It all started by meeting at one of the most busiest attractions of Brussels:
the little peeing man.
Out of all of the places (read: less crowded and more practical).
me and Anika chose to meet here. 
Thank God, we swapped numbers before departing. 
After hugs and kisses, we headed straight to  a pub.
 It took us a while to realize where we were sitting.
 Oh yeah, Big Mama's allright.
Big Fun! Big Laughter! Big Joy! Big Friendship! Big Hearts!
It's amazing to me how you can have such a deep connection
with someone which you have met only twice. 
We kept joking that, for a second date it was going awesome.
It's been a while since I've been on a date.
And when I checked some of the DO's second date rules,
- make your date wait 
- listen more, talk less
- avoid being touchy and emotional
Well ladies, me and Anika kind of broke them all.
I guess we don't really follow rules but our heart. 
After a long day of walking our feet were begging us to
1. stop walking
2. please stop walking 
3. buy other shoes
We caved in for the last request:
Sexy tong sandals, who could resist?
 Dress | Yellow mustard bag
By Anika | Berschka
Striped top | Hareem pants  
Gets | Evans 
Brussels was fun, we had a blast.
Third date: Oslo !
Come and meet us.

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