donderdag 10 maart 2011


Hi lovely readers,
Yesterday I celebrated my 2nd year anniversary with my beau.
He invited me to a sushi dinner.
It was delicious, for I am a sucker for sushi.

So today in this post, I want to share my recent shopping trip.
 Many items I've bought, were in sale. 
Do you know me any other way?

Brands featured in this article:
Monki - H&M - Beth Ditto for Evans

 The ever famous large clutch. 
In a nude color.
 Another nude item: the Monki wallet. 
 It's called Miracle
Don't you like it when your clothes (or make-up) have a name.
I love the trend, keep it in!

 This item, dear readers is a surprise.
Originally it is a table cloth. 
 But when I got it, I decided this was my new shawl.
If i could sew, my new bolero.
 Hmmm, what else could this lace/crochet cloth be?
Suggestion ladies?

 What would a girl be without stripes and a tube skirt?
 My second Beth Ditto purchase. 
I bought this top in an UK20 and it's big.
Not really a problem, because I can wear the top as a dress. 
When I saw this dress, I fell in love with the shoulder detail.
Don't know yet how I want to wear it.
Still love it, though!

 And this is my big splurge. Oh, how I love this skirt.
It's a midi skirt, but I'm wearing her as a high waisted skirt.

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  1. A belated but big congrats to you and your sweetheart! Sending you both warm hugs! We must go for sushi in Brussels :D I love your stuff! Def thinking bolero for the white lace :) try my tutorial for boleros, or better yet, we`ll do a sew a long via skype lol. Is it twelve your time tomorrow? kisses <3

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