maandag 14 maart 2011

Monki Party

Wednesday March 2nd I'attended
 a Monki store party in Amsterdam.
Although they carry till a size large, 
you shouldn't shy away from the brand.
Picture taken by Marieke for Textilia.nl
As you can see I'm wearing their Melli skirt,
which originally is a midi skirt (and the new trend).
I don't wear midi's anyway but this skirt 
will work perfect for my body shape as 
a high waisted A-line skirt. 

I arrived one hour before the party to ask permission
to make some pictures during the party.
I got to meet the PR spokesperson for Monki, 
Miss Nor Toma. She lives in Sweden, but
gets to travel a lot because of her job.
One of the things she does, is organising shop events 
in Monki stores all over the globe. 
These parties are exclusive for Monki customers
and work according to a RSVP list.
Picture from Textilia.nl 
At the entrance there was a long que (brrr, it was cold),
waiting to go in. Two hostesses awaited you
to give your name so you could be admitted. 
For such a tiny store, they sure know how to party big.
Party decorations hangeed in strategic places, 
a hip DJ Duo from Amsterdam, 

When Harry Met Sally & TESSisMORE

Open bar where you could get refreshments. 
And of course 20% discount on the whole SS/11 collection.
What more can a girl want on weekday evening?

Unfortunately the music was too loud to show you
the whole interview. So I made a short film of the party.
And at the end you can hear Nor explain her outfit.
It's worthed (trust me, wait for it).
From now on I want to dress like an Urban Nomad, yo. 
I got to meet Ducth fashion blogger
 Ilanka from Fashion Nerdic.
I purchased their Danni Shoes and a cropped crochet sweater.
I got a pink bag and their Monki Magazine.
This magazine features fashion, starting young upcoming girls,
like the musician Kate Nash. The magazine is released
4 times a year. Besides the magazine, they also have 
the Monki Television, where they recently showcased 
a series with fashion blogger, Susie Bubble. 
They broadcast 4 times a month.

Nor Toma explained that every Monki store has a concept.
The store in Amsterdam, is where the Monki creations
are made: the factory. If your'e in Amsterdam,
go check out the store.  
I also asker Nor Toma if she had a message.
She encourages you to believe in yourself.
Go for it! 
Anything is possible in the Monki world. 
Nor was such a bubbly personality.
Thank you for taking the time to share :)
Monki sells young trendy clothes and accessories. And is a bit pricier than H&M. But still very affordable. When I look at their collection, it reminds me of DIVIDED of H&M. They don't have plus size. That doesn't stop me at all. I've worn straigth sized clothes many times before. And there's always accessories, n'est-ce pas? 

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