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Meet Lodi

It's been a while before featuring another RCW post. 
Why did it take so long? Well, there are different reasons why it took so long.I was very busy and didn't get the time to edit/translate the articles.Secondly, I started doubting about the implication of the title "Real Curvy Women".In no way I want to exclude any group of women on purpose. 
These series aime to portray all kind of women, whatever their body type, age, social status or race. I chose this title because I wanted to show particularly women within the plus size community. But foremost I want to show the diversity of (the plus size) beauty. Yes, I target the  full figured woman, because in the end I am also a plus sized woman. I hope by featuring different types of women, young or old, we as a plus size community will not exclude anyone but 
embrace our similarities 
and celebrate our differences

This week I want you to meet Lodi. 
I started following this fabulous young woman 
last year. She's got her own style. Enjoy!

Tell us something about you (for example: age/profession/hobbies etc...).
My name is Lodi and I’m an almost-21-year-old drama student from Berlin.
When I don’t have courses like drama, sword-play, music theory, 
vocals, acrobatics, speech training, ballet and dance, etc....
I spent my little free time to go out with my friends,
 to go to the theatre, to read, to rehearse and to blog.
Why did you start blogging?
    I was wearing boys’ clothes when I was a teen, 
because there were no modern plus size stores in Germany for females my age. 
When I discovered YFF, I discovered Evans and wanted my own fashion blog, 
one of the first German plus size fashion blogs. 
I wanted to be a part of the community and learn from other bloggers.
Do you have (personal) fashion rules? Yes/no? Why?
One of my fashion rules is to never go out at night in trousers or jeans. 
I know a lot of my fellow plus size ladies dislike the word “flatter” 
and during the day I wear jeans, but when I go out, I want to feel sexy 
and jeans or trousers don’t flatter me and don’t let me feel sexy 

Who is your fashion muse? Why?
A lot of women inspire me, but I don’t have a fashion muse in particular.
 I just love to have as many inspirational sources as possible.

If you could be any accessory item, which one would you be? Why?
I have this one necklace with a fish pendant 
and I feel like this fish necklace reflects me pretty well.
Here’s a photo: 
 What is your message for curvier women/girls struggling with their body image?
Don’t be afraid to try new things, because new experiences might enhance your confidence.
I underestimated myself when I started my drama study. 
But I found out, that I had no reason to underestimate myself.
 I’m fat, but I’m more athletic than a lot of my fellow students 
and it made me stronger and way more confident.
Attend the bellydance course, attend the yoga course, go out to dance, 
do whatever you want to, but always keep in mind: Enjoy YOURSELF.
Thank you!
Visit Lodi on her blog:
Or join her twitter:

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