maandag 28 maart 2011

The day after

Hi lovely readers,

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was awesome.
As some of you may know I was a finalist for a Dutch pageant: Miss Plus Size Fashion 2011.Last sunday was the big day where me and 16 other curvaceous ladies got to challenge the secular definition of beauty. This is the only Dutch pageant I know, who don't exclude participants by their size, age or race. Everyone has an equal chance. 
Picture by Studio X-Posure
A beauty shot of Simone, the new Miss Plus Size Fashion 2011, supported by Miss Jagaira, who won the same pageant last year. 
Picture by Versgeperst
In this shot you see Simone, with the other winning ladies. Pamela in a teal dress, which got her a second place. Finally but not least, Lisette,  she got the third place.
The judge panel included a catwalk coach, a Dutch TV personality and the chairwoman of the MPS Fashion organisation. They we're looking for a plus size woman who could bring out a message, to be more specific, her message to the world. I'm glad I wasn't in their place to make the cut, because my goodness all the participants we're beautiful. And they all had a message. But the judges made a great decision. After all the remaining participants didn't lose: we all got fourth place, including me :D
For more pictures of the contestants visit these Dutch bloggers: Curvacious, XL Fashionfile and Miss M.
Picture by Aliene
There again the core message: we all are winners.
It takes courage to stand on stage and speak out.
It takes courage to love YOU without guilt.
It takes courage to do things (like walk in heels on a catwalk, uhu, I did)
you would never do and do it with pride. 
Picture by Miss M
Me and my catwalk sista Francien were both sponsored by More2Be.
A young trendy plus size store.
 I was wearing a highwaisted denim skirt by Veto. 
Moi and Maureen
I have to give credit to Maureen
the stylist who showed me this denim skirt in the first place.
I wasn't sure at first but she convinced me to rock it at the finals.
 I'm glad she persuaded me. 
When I paired the skirt with New Look black wedges and my very
trusted Yours leopard tights. I tell you ladies, I live in those leopard tights.
Well I felt like a Rock Star. 
Picture by Versgeperst 
The second look was a summer on the beach.
Maureen named my style "classic with an edge". 
What do you think?
Picture by Mandy 
In this picture you see Mandy.
A young student from The Hague with such
an one-of-a-kind presence.
She embraced not alone her curves
but also her own unique self. 
Not strange that's she's one of the
summer models for GETS Fashion
Finally I'm so proud of all the participants. 
We showed diversity within beauty. 

Spread the curvy love. 

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I am so proud of you sweetheart! You looked so great! I love your tights :) <3

  2. Hello Model!!!! I love the outfit with white trousers, it fits your perfectly darling!

    and the latest dress? A princess!!!

    ciao bella!

  3. Geweldig blog Nefferth, heerlijk om te lezen! Geniet nog lekker na ;-)

  4. Je suis très heureuse pour toi. C'est une expérience fabuleuse!

  5. waouh ! super ! great ! quelles belles photos ! J'aime beaucoup ta tenue avec le pantalon blanc, tu semble si grande !
    Bravo d'avoir eu le courage de défiler devant tant de personnes !


  6. OMG OMG! I didn't know else I would have congratulated you sooner! I am so proud of you, I don't have that kind of courage really but you look super confident and you rock!

  7. @Anika: thank you sweetie, I'm proud of myself too!
    @Ylenia: grazie tesoro, it was such fun to do too!
    @Silly: merci, zal ik zeker doen, hihihi!
    @DC: salut mon amie, c'était formidable bien sûr.
    @islandaise: merci, je mésure 1m78, donc je suis longue déjà et avec talons, ooof, je sui une géante :D
    @TMT: thank you, it was such a fun experience. And yes I felt confident for all my curvy ladies out there. We ROCK!

  8. I am a little (been busy) but big congrats on taking part! You look gorgeous! :)

  9. You are beautiful! And you took that stage like it was yours!! U go girl ! Beautiful clothes and It is so nice to see plus size women from around the world .. I love it :-)


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