maandag 21 februari 2011

Spice tights

Since I'm back from the London trip and a seminar weekend right after, I've been running  behind the clock. I have stacks of posts that need editing, my blog roll keeps growing in numbers. The blog needs a redo on the layout. I've started a Mode Plus facebook page. I'm learning more and more technical and the practical stuff behind blogging. I think I seriously need an assistant. Or a time-management course. I can be so chaotic sometimes.  
The other day I went to my local café, 
to work. Sometimes I like to get
out of the house and interact with others. 

Approximately 8 months ago I started blogging at the exact same place.It was a day before my birthday and I remember it as if it was yesterday. I wanted to start an adventure and to do something close to my heart. I'm so happy I made that decision, not really knowing for sure that I would pass the 5 readers.I'm happy you log in to read, to browse, to comment. I truly appreciate each one of you: new, old, curvy, not-so curvy, I love you all. 

Isn't it strange sometimes how life throws you curves balls? You can either dodge and hide. Or you choose to stand straight, take the blow and face the unknown. Ladies, let's start the week standing straight or at least try. I'll give you a hand if you need too. 
Enough philosophical talk let's zoom in the outfit. So this was day two of the seminar and I decided to give the neutral palette a bit of spice by rocking the rust welovecolors tights. 
It's  a shame the camera can't really capture the vibrance of the color(I so want a new camera). The belt is actually the handle of my satchel (here). I packed light and forgot to bring a belt, so I had to improvise. I'm not all that crazy about the outfit (those outfits exists). To my surprise I got quit some compliments that day. So I decided to put in on the blog after all. You can never tell how others will perceive you. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. What do you think?

Pussy bow blouse - ASOS Curve
Cream skirt - H&M
Rust Tights - Welovecolors 
Tan brogues, 80's glasses - Primark 
Brown knitted cardigan - Vero Moda 
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