donderdag 10 februari 2011

Plus London 2011 @night

As promised more pictures of Plus London. I couldn't capture all the beautiful ladies. I hope you get a glimpse of the night. As a bonus I added a mini film of the day/night. 
 The beautiful Wendy just looking like a red hot blooded woman.
Kylie eat your heart out. 

Poor Nadia didn't know where to look.
We all wanted a picture at the same time.

This foxy lady is nothing more than Daphné.
A French model who is too modest about her beauty.

 This blue dress compliments Gaelle-Vanessa's skintone,
it's like girl, damnnnnng!

 This was the photographer of the night: Diana
Her dress was on point. 

Isn't she the cutest thing?
Beth is just as you would think on her blog. 

Champagne and great outfits.
What more do you want?
Sian, Amy and Donna
showing us how it's done with pizzaz. 

Anika and Katrin sharing photo moments.

Donna and Polly looking fabulous!

Kirsty with her DIY dress. 
Isn't she talented?

Valerie was the sweetest girl. 
And she was as breathtaking in person as on her blog.
I had to pinch myself to stop staring. 

Katie went classic. 
Loved everything about her look.
Beautiful fitted dress from Anna Scholz.
Red lips, cropped do.
If you don't find it sexy, I don't know on
which planet you're living on. 

Miria and her friend we're looking lovely as well.

Georgina was celebrating her B-day.

And as the night progressed,
we got more comfortable. 
Beth, Katrin, Isha and Anika chilling.

Thank you again Lauren for making this possible!
Spread the curvy love <3

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