vrijdag 11 februari 2011

London outfits

I didn't forget about 30 for 30. I had some start up difficulties: deciding on the final wardrobe, posting an outfit everyday or accumulating them. It might not be a perfect start but at least I'm doing it. 
Enough said, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Because I was travelling first time, I didn't get any outfit pictures taken on two days. So bare with me.
 Squirrel necklace
Striped scarf 
 Grey satchel - Evans 
 Coral blazer - Vero Moda 
High waisted jeans - Beth Ditto for Evans
Sneakers - All Stars
 Knitted bonnet - H&M

 My newest obsession:
these 80's inspired glasses (Primark)
Again the high waisted jeans.
As you see in the picture I'm not the only one fancying this piece.
I added the sequined bonnet with the striped shirt (both H&M).
To stay warm I wore a black cardigan (Mark&Spencer).
London is all about walking so I'm glad I added my sneakers.
At night I wore my black dress(M&S Mode) as a skirt.
The scarlet blouse (thrifted) with my leopard tights(yoursclothing).
And of course my trusted wedges. 
Red roses clutch - H&M 
Belt - New Look Inspire 
How are you doing on the challenge? 
Like a pro or more rookie style like me?

PS: I'll be away for the weekend.
But I'll take pictures and post them next week. 

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