woensdag 16 februari 2011

It's getting near

You would almost forget I'm a finalist for the MPS Fashion 2011. Last week our dresses we're ready for fitting. Unfortunately I can't show you my dress, but I can show you what I wore on the fitting day. I'll let someone film the finale so I can share it with you. The final will be on March 27th. 

Mustard yellow blazer - Thrifted 
Red knitted scarf - My mom's 
Peg leg jeans - ASOS Curve 
Unfortunately these jeans (UK24) are way to big.
Even with a belt I can't keep them up.
I'm all confused about my right sizing now.
  Mini satchel, tan brogues - Primark
Accessories - H&M, Evans, Primark  
Flower hairclip - Pieces 

 I've always had an eye for fashionable women.
I guess growing up with my mom was a big influence.
She always looked good. Hair done! Make-up done!
Here below you can three generations.
They are not related.
I love how each woman has her own style at her own age.
I think beauty is not restricted to one type of style or age barrier.
Being you, showing your individuality is the most precious thing.
On that note, enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of these lovely ladies.

How do show your beauty? 

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