vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Find your niche

This is how Amber Riley ends her interview 
in the February issue of British Glamour magazine. 
If you are a glamour fan, I would recommend you read her interview. 
Since last year I've been rethinking my own niche.
 What do I want? 
Or better, do I still want what I've always wanted? 
Confused yet?

The hardest part is to get focused. 
I've rediscovered some of my old passions like writing.
During my teen years till my days as a student,
I used to write short stories and poems.
And suddenly I stopped!
 OUTFIT 7/30
 Having the blog may have unleashed a deeper void within?
Or maybe I'm just having my 30 plus age crisis. 
If you relate let's talk, ok?
Apart from exploring the current niche, 
I realized how a niche can also miss versatility.
I want(ed) to believe that focussing on one expertise,
meant just that you being an expert in what you do.
Nowadays I divert from that thought.
Why would you limit yourself?
Shouldn't we (as women) feel free 
to activate all our possibilities?
I'm good at different things.
And as long I'm on this earth I want 
to do what I love/enjoy. 
I will not compromise (no more).
I will live to my own potential. 
High waisted jeans - Beth Ditto for Evans
Pussy bow top - ASOS Curve 
Brown knitted cardigan - Vero Moda 
Accessories - Primark, H&M 
Brown boots - Manfield 

What's your niche? 

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