maandag 28 februari 2011

The effects of doing a remix challenge

So you all have seen me struggle to keep up with the remix challenge of KendieverydayThis was my first time participating. Actually it was my first challenge in the blogworld. Now that we approached the end, I want to share with you how this experience went. But first I want to show you my last 30x30 outfits.
OUTFIT 10/30
My  checkered shirt- H&M (Men)
Knitted cardigan - Vero Moda 
High waisted jeans - Beth Ditto for Evans 
Tan brogues - Primark 

The only thing I want to say about the outfit is:
when going away for the weekend,
don't wait for a night before to pack.
Next time I wear this shirt,
I'm going to try it the Miss Plume way.

OUTFIT 11/30
Top, sequined bonnet - H&M
Red little bag - Thrifted
Black dress - M&S Mode 
Opaque tights - Evans 
Yellow scarf - Dorothy Perkins 
Glasses - Primark 
OUTFIT 12/30
Red top - Thrifted 
Blue knitted top - H&M
Jeans - ASOS Curve 
Ring - Crazy Daizy 

  • An opportunity to discover new blogs and to connect with new people. If you take a look at the 30x30 list (here) you'll understand that it was easy to connect. Blogs we're signed up under alphabetic order, there was plenty choices to go around. I ended up following a few ladies too. And as of now I'm on a blog-follow diet
  • The first week goes by pretty smoothly. You start wondering why it's even called a challenge. BUT suddenly you're out of options, you've worn everything once. Just when you think you've hit a plateau, the remix creative juices start flowing. I would have to agree with Kendi. In her manual she gives some pointers in what to include (or absolutely leave out) your remix wardrobe. Basically it's having some key pieces mixed with some 'off-pieces'. Think bold, colors, patterns much like bloggeristas: ByAnika, Weesha's World or Big girl Small Budget Tiny Town. . I thought that mixing colors and adding layers  would be difficult. On the contrary, your brains starts to function differently. Because of the limited wardrobe, you begin to try more. Some of your choices you'll like, some of it will go into the disaster hall of fame (don't we all have outfits, we would never EVER wear again or it is only moi?)
  • It was definitely  a reflective journey. I was confronted to look at my closet with different eyes (which was explained by the way in the Kendi's manual). I knew I had a medium-sized wardrobe. During the challenge I realized, I could do three things with the content of my wardrobe: give it away, sell it or just throw it in the trash bin. I'm always complaining of never having room in my closet anyway. I admit I'm still keeping clothes/shoes that never see the daylight. This experience made me more aware of what to buy to complement not alone my body shape but also to enrich my style. 
Before I let you think there's only high moments in this experience, let me be real. I'll show you the other side of the medal. The dark side, whoewhaaaaahahaaa ......

  • After two weeks, I really needed THE shoe. THE shoe, you understand what I'm implying? THE shoe that wasn't included in the remix, but that is irreplaceable (mind you, this is after two weeks alone, can you imagine the last two weeks of the challenge?). THE shoe is THE only pair that will make the outfit complete. I had this same mini battle in my head with a pair of trousers, a skirt and several tops I left out of the equation. I missed some of my clothes, period. 
  • One word: LAUNDRY. I rest my case.
Would I participate again?
I would. Only the next time I would rethink when to participate. During this challenge I had a very hectic and unpredictable schedule. I couldn't really enjoy the fun part in the challenge.  Next time, I'll keep these pointers in mind: planning outfits in advance, checking my calendar and remixing according to my (daily) activities.  

Should you participate?
If you want to connect with other bloggers doing the same,
If you want to get inspired on your own or by looking at other bloggers,
If you want to trigger your inner creative flow,
If you want to push yourself to think out of the box,

By all means, give it a go!

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