vrijdag 14 januari 2011

When it rains

One of the hardest things to pull off (at least for me) is looking fabulous 
PLUS staying warm at the same time.
Especially when it's pouring and the wind is blowing like crazy 
(typical Dutch autumn weather)
How should a fashionista address these oh so challenging conditions?
Een van de moeilijkste dingen (althans dat vind ik) is er leuk uitzien 
EN warm blijven tegelijk.
Zeker als je in dit weer (zie foto) moet trotseren. 
Regen en wind zijn mijn tegenspelers vandaag.
Als een echte fashionista, laat ik me niet inkisten. Aha!

My armor of the day.
Warm: check
Dry: check
Stylish: you tell me
Peg jean - ASOS Curve 
Cropped vest - M&S Mode 
Blak tee - DYANNE (Dutch designer)
Accessories - H&m, Primark, Pieces
Mijn wapenuitrusting voor de dag
Warm: ja
Droog: ja 
Stylish verantwoord: vertel jij het mij maar 
Im trying out a half wig to see how long hair suits me.
If you want to know more, DM me on twitter
Ik probeer een andere coupe om te kijken of lang haar mij staat.
Wil je meer hierover weten, DM op twitter

Have a wonderful weekend <3
Fijn weekend allemaal <3

13 opmerkingen:

  1. You ALWAYS look super stylish and hot Nefferth!
    Long hair looks nice on you, but I adore the short hair over anything else. It makes you distinguishable from all the other girls and gives you this really individual aura. :-)

  2. @Anna: How are you?? It's been a while. I'm a fan of my short curls too. But I like to switch things up. I can't stick to one style ever. Thank you for your lovely comment, so nice of you.

  3. Amazing!! I love your style! I love you made such a causual outfit chic!


  4. love the look, especially the hat!
    I have a similar one in brown.
    Cannot have enough of paillettes tough!!!

  5. I've been moving and had no internet at home and 2 much work at work 2 comment, but I always read you blog :-) Can't do without! Have a extra nice weekend, maybe the rain will lift...

  6. Wauw! Je ziet er weer fantastisch uit, lovin' it!

  7. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit and the accessories, and the nail polish too!
    The weather here is pretty grotty too! Just lately I have been turning up to work looking windswept and dishevelled, rather than polished and demure!

  8. Long hair truly suits you! I really like how casual this outfit is and it's still chic! :)

  9. SO stylish! you are amazingly stylish, I love this outfit. You are so beautiful. You are coming to London? Will get back to you on the email this weekend love. <3

  10. Tes rallonges te vont super bien, mais j,adore aussi tes cheveux courts! J'adore ce outfit! La veste et le bérêt sont superbes. Je dois avouer que j'hésite encore à commander ces jeans, je peux savoir dans quelle taille tu les a commandé? et est-ce que tu as acheté ta taille régulière? ou bien tu as pris une taille au-dessus afin qu'elle ait l'effet baggie?

  11. Hey girl, thanks for following:)
    and yes i know im long overdue for some OOTD's
    but i havent really gone anywhere worth an ootd so ya :( but ill definately get on that:)
    p.s loving the sequin beret :)

  12. Oh girl you are gorgeous! I have the same sequin hat! Work it

    Check out my blog and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl


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