donderdag 27 januari 2011

Sizing matters?

I finally finished reading my blog rolls, one with Google Reader and one with Bloglovin'. Let's see how long I can stay at zero. Anyhow, I want to teel you guys I got (or better get) inspired. I follow a diverse of women. I love diversity. And I'm working on a page especially for it. I'm looking for the right categorization of some of the blogs. Sometimes you just can't narrow someone's style down. I love a challenge though! I'll keep trying.
Seeing all these beautiful ladies post their OOTD got me in the mood to show you one too, TODAY!
I usually read about the reason(s) behind a lack of blogging (OOTD's) being: boring outfit.And when I see the outfit, I don't think it's boring at all. But when it comes to me, I must admit, I too  shy off the OOTD posts thinking, yes exactly, my outfit is too boring. How paradoxal of me, huh? Some of you may like this outfit, others won't. And that's ok too. For the last group I urge you to try the thousands and thousands of fabulous ladies strutting their stuff on the web. 
Skirt was gifted by my Secret Santa, Kat. I have to say she did an A+ on the sizing. This skirt is a size UK 18 and it fits me perfectly. I wear UK 24/26 (E52/54), sometimes UK 22(E50). The skirt is not the only thing I'm not wearing in my size: lace shirt and the cardigan are a  UK 14(E42). Isn't that odd, with these sizing. When they're going to make up their minds? 
Skirt - Atmosphere 
Lace shirt - Divided H&M
Cardigan - Only 
Legging - New Look
Boots - Thrifted

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