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Meet the lovely Sihem

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Last year I told you about my new series : Real Curvy Women. 
I asked 4 beautiful and confident women to start off the series.
My journey to self-acceptance wasn't an easy road. You see how I underlined self-acceptance?For me the journey was not only about being a size but primarily discovering the person within. Who am I? What do I want to be in life? 
Lucky for me I'm still discovering new pages on my personal story, only in a much loving and safe place. I'm more gentle to my soul then let's say a couple of years ago. This blog only made my journey richer. What I've learned: there is not ONE way. You just have to take a step. 

With these series I want to show the diversity of what it means to be on the road to self-acceptance. Of course all of this will be shown with the decor of fashion. Because I love clothes and dressing up and so do these ladies. 

Enjoy and let's meet Sihem 
Tell us something about you (for example: age/profession/hobbies etc...). My name is Sihem. I'm 29 years old, I live in Paris with my husband and my 5 year old son. I work as a secretary in a big hospital. I adore fashion, drawing, cooking and reading.
Why did you start blogging?I started blogging in 2006, it was not a fashion blog though but a blog about dieting and losing weight. I must say it wasn't a success. After much time and suffering I decided to accept myself with my body and finally live my life.It was after this that I created my current (fashion) blog "Sawsan, une ronde épicée"  meaning something like "Sawsan, curvy and spicy"
Do you have (personal) fashion rules? Yes/no? Why?I have no fashion rules. Current fashion imposes rules and for this reason that curvy women are unable to find their place in or relate to the fashion community of today. One thing to consider when choosing clotheswear clothes that will enhance your body, harmonizing with your personal body shape. 
Who is your fashion muse? Why?I don't have a fashion muse, though I'd like it if designers would think more of women with curves. I love Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior because they have a lot of talent. I love their creativity and originality.
If you could be any accessory item, which one would you be? Why?If I could, I would be a vintage bag because it will always be a statement piece paired with a modern and smart outfit. 
What is your message for curvier women/girls struggling with their body image?I would like to tell them we lose a lot of time hurting ourselves and forget to live.
After all it's all in your mind. 
Make peace with your body and start feeling pretty and love yourself. 
Merci Sihem, je t'adore !!!

Sihem's blog (only in French, but worth the visit for her cute outfits, don't miss it)

She also writes fashion/shopping articles on:

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  1. She's really beautiful and inspiring!

  2. OMG I adore her !
    She's like ... THE perfect girl, who's beautiful with her curves. A real model for me.

  3. I love her blog! And yours too!

  4. Wat is ze leuk he....En ze heeft echt zulke leuke outfits die je ook makkelijk zelf kunt maken met kleding die je thuis hebt....voor mij een echte inspiratie.

    Thanx for sharing.


  5. pls send over some 'self-acceptance magic'.
    I am in need for it!!!!

    love your blog, I am a new follow, come anche follow mine!

  6. Merci beaucoup NEM, je suis très touchée!
    Thank you so much!


  7. @Bethamint: she's very funny too. If u can read French, I suggest you pay her blog a visit.
    @B: she is right? You are in your way too, you know?
    @Vaneeta: ahw, thank you so much. Glad u'r enjoying ...
    @Annemieke: ja, idd. Ze is zo lekker gewoon en toch weer niet. Ik ben dol op haar.
    @Chic Therapy: Thank you, it's good to hear that.
    @Ylenia: the package is on his way, it will work everytime a little more.


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