dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Meet the fairy-like Audrey

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This week I want to put another beautiful and talented curvy lady in the spotlight, Audrey.If you haven't checked out her blog: Big-or-not-to-big, please do. She also has a facebook pageShe writes in French but her pictures will speak for themselves.

Let's meet Audrey!

Tell us something about you (for example: age/profession/hobbies etc...).
I'm a 23 years old French girl, and I currently live in a little town.
My job is currentlypreparing orders but this isn't a fixed job because I don't know what I want to do.I have many hobbies: I love fashion of course(I often read the fashion press :D), I like to watch movies and I really love reading books (I have a high preference for ‘fantasy’ :D)

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging two years ago after seeing other blogs of a big beautiful, curvy girls, like Big Beauty for exemple. In France, I couldn’t find beautiful clothes in plus sizes, and during that periode I discovered on-line shops like Dorothy Perkins, Asos or Evans. There and then I reinvented my whole closet.Blogging helped me to find out what I like and what I don't like.
It allowed me to be more daring and play with my clothes.
I want to show that it's not because we are big girls that we can’tlook nice and take care of ourselves.Now, blogging is a hobby of mine. And because of it I interact with other people, curvy or not, that is a real pleasure.

Do you have (personal) fashion rules? Yes/no? Why?
I don’t think I have many rules, except to wear only what I like. To not force myself to wear something that is not me.I try to put me in the most possible value.I think that is important to feel good in our clothes and please ourself. Also, It’s not really necessarily to listen to the advice of others :D !

Who is your fashion muse? Why?
I don't really have fashion muse, because I snoop in different styles.I read many fashion magazines (on paper or online) and many blogs which inspires me.I like for exemple the crazy style of Gwen Stefani, or the rock 'n roll style of Daisy Lowe, and many other ! I like Beth Ditto too for her audacity to brake the code !This different inspirations help me to create my own style and reconfirm what I like.

If you could be any accessory item, which one would you be? Why?
I think if I could be an accessory item, I would be heeled shoes !I have a real fascination for heels, maybe because you need to tame them a little in the beginning.

What is your message for curvier women/girls struggling with their body image?
If I had a message for the curvy girl and their body image,is first to not necessarily listen to others, which can be very harmful.Today, slimness (or even "being skinny") is advocated as the body type to have,and when we don't match to this standard, we are being appointed to.Even if it's not easy to do, I think it's necessary to take a step back compared to the views of others, and gain confidence it yourself and in what you really are.Perhaps it will seem not that important, but I think that taking care of oneself is a first step for to self-acceptance. It can help bring a different view on yourself and can help to better accept yourself.Of course, it will not solve it all and that's easier said than done. The acceptance may be a long way, but I think that is important to free oneself of prejudices that others have and see the body from another point of view. We can be curvy and love life, feel pretty and feel well in our skin.We’re not reduced to our bodies; but what also counts is what we have in our mind.

Thank you Audrey for participating.
Maybe you can teach me one day how to tame those heels.
Spread the curvy love!
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