zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Is the little things that count

Sometimes I'm amazed how a plain basic item can turn into something fabulous.
Remember the black dress (and scarf) I bought the other day? 
Well, ladies look at it now!
I felt like a nubian queen in this outfit, hahaha!
You see how I carry my headband as a crown? 
Seriously, I have my days when I feel less than beautiful.
I walk around no make-up, sweatpants, hair frizzed out.
I would make the caveman look like ANTM. 
You get the point:I don't feel beautiful at all. 
Recognizable anyone?

But what is beautiful anyway?
For a long time, I would strive to be this perfect person I thought was expected of me.
Stylish, confident, career woman, best friend, loving daughter,
the list of demands was endless.  
I would  not allow myself to have these dark feelings.
"You can't be confident and have insecurities?"
"No way, you have to be STRONG and if possible ALL the time."

I'm learning each day, that it's not about the one or the other.
Being strong is allowing also the bad and ugly in. 
The key is what you do with it?
Do you stay and wallow in sorrow or do you stand up and face another day?
I want to be someone who feels the bad AND the good.
I want to be someone who falls and stand up.
Even if it means doing it everyday.
PS: I've installed some new things as you can see. 
1. New comment system: I want to make the blog more approachable for the readers.
I've been researching and concluded that installing this system will make commenting easier for you. I will get to connect with readers better. And that's allright in my book. 
2. Madison Plus has asked me to be one of their City Style Correspondents. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I see it as an extension of what I do on my blog. 
Click on the link to see Weeshas World do her thing. 
MP City Style

Have a great sunday (tomorrow)!
And stay fabulous. 
Black maxi dress - Pieces
Scarf - H&M 

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