zondag 30 januari 2011

IFFR 2011

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are/we're enjoying your weekend. I know I have. 
Last week I introduced an OOTD video and I must say although it felt really awkward, I'm willing to keep trying it. To my opinion it's just another way to express my creativity. Also, my hubby is been teaching me some tricks with Photoshop and Indesign. I hope it will benefit in the quality of the blog. Last but not least, I appreciate you visiting, reading and commenting. I didn't forget about the give away, I just can't make up my mind which fashion item I want. By now you're asking yourself what does the title have to do with this blogpost?

This month is the 40st anniversary of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.It's a great opportunity to see some non-commercial films.
I made the video 5 minutes before the tramway would be at the stop.
So I had to rush into it. 

Red dress - H&M
Cardigan - DYANNE
Flower shawl - H&M
Cord pants - Evans 
Bonnet - H&M
Wedges - Local Bargain Store 
Military coat - Evans 

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