vrijdag 7 januari 2011

I love my body

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So in this post I want to talk about body image. I got permission of Hermina (Dutch plus size blogger) to put her banner on my blog. Dont' you like it? Sounds easy, right? 
Recently a series about fat people started on television. This was a highly anticipated program. A pioneer on itself. Well, I watched it and sadly enough fat people we're portrayed as unhappy, wanting a different body. I was flabbergasted when this lady chose to do a gastric bypass operation. She was  so happy when she weighed herself only shortly after the surgery. I didn't know what to think. I'm not saying you shouldn't do the operation. If this is your way of making a healthy step, who am I to judge.
But I missed the group who is NOT dieting or hiding their bodies. Where are the portraits of women/men who love their fat body as it is and take care of it? I missed the balance. Once again being fat is associated with negativity, lack of success and poor self image. 

Today I had my interview with the local newspaper because of the MPS Fashion Pageant. I was so nervous in the morning. So if you see my face all uptight, you know where it's from. I chose a more edgy look. I wanted to show my strong and proud side with this outfit.
 Red coat - New Look Inspire 
Black knitted shawl, grey knitted baret, bracelet, earrings - H&M
Red ring - Ydeltuyt
Top - ASOS Curve 
Legging - Yoursclothing 
Bolero - Thrifted 
Grey bag - Secrte Santa Kat 
Black wedges - Local bargain shoestore 
I was accompanied by another lovely finalist, Dominique.
She's got a killer smile :)
 Loving your bodies may start by loving yourself. 
Loving yourself is accepting yourself with flaws and all.
Accepting that there's not a thing like perfection. 
Accepting that everything you are, is unique. 
There's no second you.
So cherish yourself, because you're worthed.
Love your body
Have a great weekend 

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  1. Wat een goed artikel en wat zijn jullie fantastisch mooie meiden...!! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je zenuwachtig was, maar dat is nergens voor nodig. Ik hoop dat je echt heel ver komt in de wedstrijd :D


  2. I have yet to see a documentary on television where they portray fat people being fat and happy. Most shows that I glance over include them having surgery or just complaining about being overweight. It's pretty sad that they leave out the ones with high self esteem.

    The outfit that you wore is absolutely lovely and chic! The leggings and jacket go so well together!

  3. I'm sure I will make a lot of english mistakes but whatever.
    As usual, I love your articles, the way you write. You sound so ... nice & I really think it's brillant to think what you think.
    I think the same even if ... I want to loose.
    Tomorow ( or sunday) I'm gonna write about that because ... I hate people around me who always think that if you're a little bit chubby you HAVE TO loose. No... nobody has the right to ask people to loose (except doctor of course ! but ... i Hate them :/)
    I would love if the society had the same thought as you...
    I'm sorry for the mistakes, my mother (english teacher) would kill me if she saw how I write haha ^^

  4. Hope the interview went well, you had the perfect outfit and you look confident!

  5. Great post! Telling it like it is.

    Also, I love that ASOS top! I wanted it foreverrrrrrr.


  6. Tu es superbe ! Tu as raison : "love yourself..." but sometimes it's hard to do !

  7. @Annemieke: zenuwen waren gelukkig weg bij mijn eerste slokje koffie. Thank god for caffeine, LOL

    @Thomessa: I totally agree. That's why we have to keep speaking out till one day we'll get noticed. PS: can u believe this top is from a summer collection?

    @B: Thanx for helping out with the French word, dear :)
    You did just fine on your English. Making mistakes is a part of our human nature. And losing weight isn't the bad guy, it's the negativity towards the body. That mindset can be dangerous and make you do some strange things. I should know.

    @DC: Thank you, it went very smoothly. What a pair of wet look leggings can do for your self-esteem huh? LOL

    @Thank you, that's so nice of you. And did u get the ASOS top???

    @Islandaise: Merci, toujours très gentille. Bien sûr aimer soi-même c'est pas facile. C'est un processus de vie :)

  8. Wat leuk dat je mijn I love my body-button op jouw blog hebt geplaatst. Krijg ook aardig wat bezoekers via jou op mijn blog!
    Ik vind de aandacht voor overgewicht zo negatief. Daarom wordt het tijd voor een ander geluid. Want waarom zou je goed zorgen voor een lichaam dat je afkeurt, waar je op een negatieve manier naar kijkt?!
    Daarom zeg ik: love your body, geniet van het leven!
    PS: vind de foto's van jou in je geweldige outfits super!

  9. I am so proud of you! killer looks, amazing soul. You go girl! <3


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