woensdag 26 januari 2011

Challenge time

Welcome all new followers!
So nice of you to stop by.

I was looking for a motive to clean up my closet, 
save some cash and boost my creative juices.
What is better way then to enter 

For the whole month February I dress myself
 with 30 items and remix them. No biggie,so I thought.

What's the catch? 
We are not allowed to shop (duuuuuh). 
I don't know why I assumed shopping 
wouldn't be on the to-do list of this challenge.
It was such an automatic reflex for me. 
That's how deep shopping is in my vains (sigh).
It's going to be very interesting for me. 
I hope I survive with some sanity left, LOL.
If you would like to partake, just click on her link (see above).
You'll have till january 28th to sign up.
But I guess you can join later too. 
So how does one prepare for such a challenge?
I bought her mini 30 for 30 remix guide. 
Yes, really. I don't want to start 'cold turkey'. 
I need some guidelines in how to adress this exciting yet tricky situation.

One advice that I'm doing now and sharing with you,
is inventorying my closet.
I suppose you must do this every season.
In my case: I skipped this step, LOL.  
Every season is represented in my closet (as of now).
Maybe it's because I lived in the Caribbean??

So far I'm choosing these clothing items.
I may or may not add/replace some.
Still need to add shoes. 
I've mixed thrift, plus size and straight brands in the bunch.
I still have six spots that I can fill. 
Sorry for the small pictures, I didn't want to spam you .

This was harder than I thought but oh so fun to do.
So how you doing on managing your closet?
Tips are more than welcome :D

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