maandag 13 december 2010

Miss Plus Size Fashion 2011

Saturday december 11th was the big casting day. Over a 100 subscriptions we're reduced to 50 beautiful curvy Dutch ladies. And now I'm a part of the final 16. What a honor!

On march 27th we will share our beauty with the rest of the world. Then one of us can call herself Miss Plus Size Fashion 2011

I got to meet the current MPS Fashion, the lovely and beautiful Miss Jagaira

I didn't get any more pictures taken because I wanted to experience the day completely.

It was such a good vibe at the event. I really felt the positive energy of these women, proud of their bodies. That was awesome. I was so happy to see and hear so many Dutch women accepting their fatness as it was. Feeling and being beautiful. That was one of my reasons to participate. I don't only want to advocate self-acceptance but also practice it. 

I got to do a catwalk training (my first time ever), a very short photo shoot (2 minutes, y'all), an interview with the initiator Marlon Sebel. She's also the owner of THE plus size event in the Netherlands.

Source: XLfashionfile of Els 

An impression of the location 

Just getting to know some candidates 
I'm wearing:
Evans Cord Legging
H&M Blouse 
M&S Mode Vest 
Invito Boots 

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  1. OMG Congratulations!!! Looks like such fun! I hope you win, because you truly deserve it!! Crossing my fingers, toes, arms, and whatever else I can cross for luck, for you!

    P.S. Thanks for the support and sweet comment! I know my mojo will come around soon ;)


  2. This is so exciting! That's so amazing you are in the top 16, but I'm not surprised you are so gorgeous. Good luck with whatever comes next :)

  3. Hey Nefferth,
    Leuk om je blog te lezen en de foto's en het filmpje te zien en de dag opnieuw beleven.

    xxx Monique

  4. O wow, congrats luv!! Wishing you all the best from Australia!! xxx

  5. Félicitations!!!!
    Je suis trés fière de toi et tu es si jolie!!

  6. Wat was het een leuke dag he? Het was echt onder elkaar ook echt gezellig. Op naar onze volgende ontmoeting! Gr. Marina.

  7. Vond het het heel leuk je te ontmoeten zaterdag! En ik zei het al: ik weet zeker dat je doorgaat ;-) Kon niet anders... Good luck!!

  8. Wat was het leuk je te ontmoeten zaterdag! Ik vond het zeer geslaagd allemaal en geweldig dat je door bent, ik zei het!! ;-) Succes de 27e maart!!

  9. Superbe ! bravo pour ton défilé et ta participation !!



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