maandag 20 december 2010

Little Red Dress part 2

So yesterday's post hit almost 200 hits. For me a huge accomplishment. Thank you all!!
Right after I published it, I was kind of nervous how readers would react.
Once something's on print you can't control how the message will be perceived. 
I was pleased to read the comments. Different views on the topic without being disrespectful.
So I will make room for thoughts/opinions as long as they aren't offensive to others. 

Today's post is on a lighter note: the same dress but a more corporate approach. Or maybe not.I mean you'll get some looks if your'e wearing leopard tights. But looks are good :D 
 Thrifted: shoes, mosterd blazer
H&M: red dress, wooden bracelets, leopard earrings & shawl 
Yoursclothing: Leopard tights 
Primark: mini satchel 

These tights we're in backorder for a couple a weeks now(felt more like months). It's my first (tight) buy from Yours and I love the texture. I used their discount offer, so I got them for at a bargain price. Also the sizing is good. I can get the tight over my bum and I didn't size up. 
 Added the leopard scarf. I needed more umpfh
Wearing no corrective underwear and not giving a damn. LOL!
Love your bodies, ladies. 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice!! Ik kan er niks aan doen, maar ik hou van luipaard! En idd je krijgt altijd scheve blikken maar, *pardon my french* daar heb ik altijd schijt aan.. Ik heb dat rode jurkje zelfs int luipaard.. Op zoek naar een leuke blazer/vest voor er op maar die panty van jou wil ik ook hebben!

  2. Love it! I love the bold colors and different textures! :)


  3. This looks gorgeous too! I actually love how your tights and shoes are similar colours it's a leg extending look!

  4. Everything about this outfit is right!

  5. Love your style!!! Congrats on your blog success!!!

  6. Like it! Those tights are awesome!

  7. I'm in love for your mosterd blazer :) !


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