dinsdag 2 november 2010

You are beautiful

Lately I've been wondering about the fatshion community here in the Netherlands.  Although I'm very happy with the warm welcome in the international fatshion community, I couldn't help but wonder if there are other plus size bloggers. 

Thanks to Twitter, I got in touch with these fabulous ladies (all in Dutch): 
XL FashionFile
They are talented and ready to spread some curvy love in this land, LOL. 

On a more serious note, I guess being plus size is not seen as a positive attribute. It took me several years to accept myself the way I am, the way my body looks. Does it mean you feel good all the time? Of course not, that's a modern society heritage: feeling good/happy all the time. That your self worth is determined by your looks and your income. So how come I got here? 

Well, like I said in the video love yourself first. In my case that was even harder. I didn't grow up in a loving family at all. So loving myself wasn't a natural step to take. I think you should love yourself everyday. The world around you can (may) be hard, that doesn't mean you have to be too. So I want to spread some love to all my visitors by turning your attention to this project

From now on everywhere you go (read: restaurant, the gym, your work, at friends, at your family) leave post-its behind on the mirrors. Write a positive message for another lady. 
Be creative as long as you give a compliment. For example: you are beautiful, I like your smile, I love your curves
Take a picture of the note or where you posted the note and send that to: info@jebentmooi.nl. The owner of the site will post your pictures so you can inspire other women. How nice is that ?! 

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  1. Hi sweetie, thank you for sharing! I couldn`t agree more, we need to be kind to ourselves. I realized a while back that I am ok with my body, my size, I am fat and I am fine. Almost felt surprised at my own reaction, and then started wondering if it is a problem that I don`t find it a problem haha.

    I love the postits, fab stuff, I have seen that in the US to. It is great to see you spread the love through your blog as well.
    got you on my blogroll! much love, anika <3


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