vrijdag 5 november 2010

Just one of those days

When everything goes wrong 

Yesterday started with me falling flat on my face, already running late for an appointment. My whole outfit (and myself) was all covered in mud. Couple of bruises and a quick shower later I was back on the go. Didn't have time to do my make-up, it was au natural for me. On my way I discovered that I lost my bike keys (my main way of transporting in the city). Noooooo, I had to switch over to public transportation. Because of the typical fall weather (read: windy, leaves everywhere) the public traffic was irregular. So even more delay. 
OMG, I had to count to ten several times not to freak out. On top of that our internet was soooo slow, I couldn't stay home to work. 

That wasn't that bad because I went to my favorite coffee place at the central station. My hubby came by later and I got to make a few new online contacts. Aaah, life is good after all, especially when you get to share it with the people and the things you love.

In this post another little star of Evans: the grey satchel bag.

Seen in every form carried by a huge amount of celebrities.
Not too big not too small. Just about enough room for all the necessities.
The adjustable cross-body strap makes the bag versatile and easy in the use.
The bag is from a synthetic material, so when you fall like me in mud, it's easy to wipe clean. 

I paired it with a soft palette: pastels. My inspiration was this little cupcake necklace I won at Elizabeth. Isn't it cute?

This look is relaxed and practical.  Perfect for one of those days .........

Satchel bag - Evans
Clothes - H&M
Accessories - H&M, Primark
Shoes - All Stars

You fancy the satchel bag?

Have a great weekend <3

3 opmerkingen:

  1. trop mignon ton collier ;O)

    bon w end !

  2. Hi sweetie, sorry to hear your day started off bad! I have those days too, when everything goes wrong and I might think the universe was against me if I had a negative mindset. Thankfully I don`t LOL. Glad that your day ended on a higher note though :) love the bag!

    <3 Anika

  3. Don't you hate it when bad things happen to good people? I'm sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations but if it's any consolation, the bag is fabulous!


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