vrijdag 26 november 2010

Inspiration #3

Can you tell I'm saving money? Oh, I'm seeing too much stuff I crave and having no funds to back that desire up. Who else is with me? 

I'm always looking for the next plus size (web)store. And through LieveMiekjuh (Dutch plus size blogger) I paid this new designer Lucie Lu a visit. She goes up to 5x.

These are some of my picks from her boutique:

Finally an eye look of the (other) day.

 Next time I'll add more of the light color in the inner part of the eyes.
Make-up ain't easy, let me tell you that!

Products used on face/eye
Eyeko Cream
Black Opal Foundation Stick in Truly Topaz
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Dark
Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer 
Catrice Smokey Eyes Kit Caramé
In the crease MAC Eye Shadow Texture 
As a highlighter Catrice Velvet Matt Eye Shadow in Nude Beige 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. merci du lien Lucie Lu,je vais visitee ca,la robe 3 couleurs ressemble a une robe deux couleur que j ai de bandlu...

    bon w end ;O)

  2. Oh I love Lucie Lu, I just hate that the prices are out of my range right now! :( And I completely understand seeing beautiful clothes and opening my wallet and seeing nothing!

  3. I'm also craving for so many thing!


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